Traditional. Contemporary. Creative. Challenging. Fun.

Whether the methods and fillings are traditional, modern or a sympathetic 
combination to suit the project; the upholstery journey is always creative,challenging and fun!
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16 industrial grade springs firmly lashed into position, together with an 
additional 'independent sprung edge'. 
Using only traditional methods, materials and tools, this time consuming 
feat of engineering delivers an unsurpassed level of comfiness that will 
out-live us all!

Traditional. Contemporary. Creative. Challenging. Fun.

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Modern foams, fillings and spring arrangements used since the 1950s 
revolutionized upholstery, making achievement of a smooth finish a much 
quicker and more cost effective option.

Traditional. Contemporary. Creative. Challenging. Fun.

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Traditional. Contemporary. Creative. Challenging. Fun.

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Traditional. Contemporary. Creative. Challenging. Fun.

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