Loveliest leather; mid century marvel :)


This most cherished mid-century armchair has moved with its owner from the USA; arriving in the ladyshed wrapped in polythene and parcel tape!
It took bold vision to imagine the finished piece – A mention of a favoured tartan during initial consultation gave food for thought and made for a truly unique and personal project to the delight of the client :)

An absolute labour of love – some chairs are hard to give back :)

recliner recovery


When the comfiest chair in the house isn’t quite comfy enough!
This reclining armchair was sun damaged, tattered and a little out-dated; new soft chenille fabric and added stuffing to back and arm pads have made this the cosiest place to sit ;)


Lose the loose cover


The untidy loose covers of this little armchair have been stripped away and in is place is a smartly tailored fixed cover in a luxurious Moon wool- reminiscent of a cosy school cardi, this chair now oozes a sleek style with a Scandinavian feel.

by the power of kryptonite


This sad but much loved little mid-century office chair was dated and wobbly; upon stripping the frame pinged apart as only the fabric was holding it together.
With the help of some glue and a clamp, the chair was rebuilt using all new stuffings and given a new lease of life with this glowing kryptonite green designers guild fabric – photographed with no filter necessary!

Updated Ercol


From drab to fab!
Acres of durable blue chenille were used to recover this Ercol suite of colossal proportions with a pop of patchwork to funk up the footstool 

Comfort catastrophe


Perished webbing had let down an otherwise intact seat of a much loved inherited armchair; the existing top cover is carefully peeled back, superior webbing replaced and springs restitched for restored relaxation :)

Edwardian Elegance


Deep, deep surgery was required to revive this Edwardian beauty; saggy bottom? -No problem!
A new traditionally hand lashed seat has it looking perky ;)
One of Moon Fabrics wool cloths in tweed was chosen to cover the elegant curvaceous shape, giving a cosy and inviting finish.

Guy Rogers reclining chairs


These Guy Rogers reclining ‘Manhattan’ chairs were found by my client wishing to replace chairs he had when newly married 40 years ago.
They were in a poor state – frames wobbly and stuffings perished, so loose joints were re-glued and clamped and all stuffings replaced from the frames up; the results are most becoming.



A small and tatty inherited chair recovered in the most beautious Designers Guild tangerine velvet.
The result is truly stunning.

Parker Knoll Transmogrification


This Cutesy pair of Parker Knolls are transformed for the next generation….

After a complete strip, these chairs where specialist resprayed in a flashy gold metalic paint, before being rebuilt from the frames up with new modern materials and covered in contemporary fabrics befitting the new bedrooms of a pair of princesses :)



Latest Challenges


A modern tailored chair

A seat repair and a change of colour to both fabric and legs gives this well used chair a sleek new look and scandi-feel.

A pair of reproduction side chairs

These tired chairs were very much ‘of their time’ – sadly dated and ready for a re-vamp; and what a new look!

Woodwork  hand painted in a soft dove grey to complement to fabric, the overall finish is charming :)

A deep-button armchair

This inherited chair was ripe for modernization, a change of colour, buttons and legs together with almost invisible fitted slip covers to arms and seat make it a perfect piece for a young family’s  new home :)

Edwardian armchair with independent sprung edge

The cause of the lumpy and uncomfortable seat was revealed upon stripping; broken, bent and unlashed springs. A full traditional rebuild to include an independent sprung edge was required to reinstate maximum comfort, followed by a re-cover in a modern grey fabric to ping this old girl into the next century ;)


Leather fluted back club chair

This stained leather chair was literally bursting at the seams; now, the handsome fellow has been re-covered with new hide to restore it’s classic, understated good looks :)


A pair of Vono concave swivel ‘egg’ chairs

These inherited curvaceous classics have had a rejuvenation; the original brown Draylon and perished foam has been replaced with this tasty tangerine fabric – why have only one statement chair?

The first quarter of the year has been fuelled mostly by plutonium for time travel :)

With methods of construction that span all the upholstery ages:
from an iron-back victorian ladies crinoline chair and
traditional tub chair; through the mid-century modern classics of a sky
blue egg chair and a pair of centa easy chairs; then bang upto date with a trio of sofas and a set of dining chairs.
- interspersed with two pairs of high revving, racy red, Ferrari
F40* seat covers. (*I really wish I could have written Delorean
Like I said, variety ;)

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Parker Knoll


Damply stored in the garage for years, this old chair of grandads was completely stripped, damaged woodwork revived; rebuilt and finished in strokable chenille that feels like a hug! 

Rock on


With a broken suspension system this family heirloom was looking a bit forlorn; new springs and stuffings and she’s revving high on the comf-o-meter ;)

Sofa, so huge :)


With the clients great vision, this ‘seen better days’ sofa / chaise combo arrived at the ladyshed along with 30+ mts of the finest Italian Lizzo velvet.

The rest of it was my pleasure :)

The happiest sofa


Once clapped out and drab; new cushions and a brand new attitude give this suite a whack with the wow wand; love it or hate it, you won’t ignore it ;)

A grand old lady


Where once the seat was saggy and droopy, new springs traditionally lashed and freshly teased stuffings ensure ‘buns of steel’ – firm and perfectly formed ;)

The first quarter of the year has been fuelled mostly by plutonium for time travel :)


With methods of construction that span all the upholstery ages: 
from an iron-back victorian ladies crinoline chair and traditional tub chair; through the mid-century modern classics of a sky blue egg chair and a pair of centa easy chairs; then bang upto date with a trio of sofas and a set of dining chairs.
– interspersed with two pairs of high revving, racy red, Ferrari 
 F40* seat covers. (*I really wish I could have written Delorean 


Like I said, variety ;)




Vintage lovliness :)


It’s not just chairs that need upholstering …….
This charming vintage pram has had a total restoration starting with a repaint and then a super comfy new lining :)


March to September (in reverse order!!)


Creative diversity!!

One of a pair of speaker covers for hard rockers ‘toseland’ completed to deadline & in time for their (part of the) world tour.

Before and almost after the recovering of part of a three piece suite which included new taller feet.

A pair of much loved little Parker knoll chairs shipped in from Greece to be transformed & shipped back in time for a special birthday.

A kitchen stool, rescued & given a new lease of life :)

Protective fitted seat cover, tailored in every way for a classic Italian sportscar.

From a pile of mouldy rags, a new roof for a gazebo was created.

From bland cream to eye popping wow !!

Waffle and wine; the colours of these faux roman blinds.

A Jedi utility belt, researched and constructed as close to spec as can be; ready for knight/ warrior / fighter type action.

An ikea chair, revamped with waterproof fabric to give hours of comfy garden relaxation to a well deserving grandad ;)

Piano stool to match the newly covered sofa.

New feet and cushions give a luxurious bouffant look.

Ahhh, more bouffant!!

A selection of roman blinds in classic fabrics.

A newly recovered sofa awaiting delivery.

Rock around the clock :)


The tunes were blasting out around the clock to get these two chairs delivered on time – recovered in a blue moire and trimmed with ‘self’ double piping they looked a treat :)



The sun is shining on the ladyshed and my machine is cheerily chugging through heaps of roman blinds.
Happy Thursday to you all :)


A busy few weeks ……


The ladyshed is always running at full speed and the last few weeks have been no exception!
I very happily delivered a set of vertical blinds which had caused no end of head- scratching.
With no opportunity to pre-hang, I had no idea that the pattern match would be so ‘bang on’!




Let’s get this party started :)

The start of 2014 & I have hit the ground running!

6 shaped, piped, zipped box cushions with attachment straps made from a fun tapestry fabric that features woven images of postcards and travel brochures, perfect for the Spanish holiday home in which they will be residing! :)